No cost to patient

Testing yourself regularly is important for people who inject drugs because it allows you to keep track of your status. To know whether or not you have hepatitis C increases caution. It can also be a contributing factor to stop bending the rule to not let others use your syringes or paraphernalia, like drug mix and mixing container etc.

The sooner hepatitis C is discovered, the better. For your and others safety and health.

When you are on site for hepatitis C testing, ask to be tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Health centers that provide testing:
  • Healthcare clinic
  • Prenatal care clinic
  • Dependence clinic
  • OST
  • Needle exchange
  • Clinics for sexual health, for example RFSU-clinic
  • Youth Healthcare clinic

If you have sex for payment and worry about hepatitis C, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, you can visit:

Everyone is welcome, regardless of sex, gender identity or sexual identity